Murphy Harpst
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Mary had a long history of physical and sexual abuse.

She had been abandoned by her parents and entered foster care at age 10.  After a short time in foster care, Mary ran away from home and was found by police in a crack house where she was drugged and sexually abused.  Mary was such a tough and defiant girl that her foster mother wanted to give her back to the State of Georgia’s Department of Family and Children’s Services. 


The Specialized Foster Care Program at Murphy-Harpst provided the support that both Mary and her foster care mother desperately needed.  Mary had terrible hygiene and difficulties in establishing proper boundaries with other children and adults.  The Specialized Foster Care team helped Mary deal with these issues, and guided her foster mother very closely in how to handle the young girl’s tough-minded resistance.   


Mary’s success is the result of her foster mother’s courage not to give up, along with professional support from the Specialized Foster Care team.  As Mary became a teenager, her problems in relating to others began to subside, and she became a stronger student academically.  Mary has earned all A’s and B’s in high school, is a cheerleader, and sings in her church choir.  After high school, she plans to enter community college and pursue a career in nursing. 








Picture by children's photography class