Murphy Harpst

Turning Hope Into Healing…

Our Programs:

Residential Services

provides therapeutic care to some of the most severely abused and neglected children in the Georgia foster care system.  The abuse and neglect experienced by these children cause severe emotional and behavioral disorders that make safe living in home settings unattainable until intensive therapeutic services are provided.  Most have disrupted numerous foster home settings and repeated psychiatric hospitalization because of the likelihood of harm to themselves and others.  Many have been labeled as juvenile delinquets and unworkable therapeutically. 

Specialized Foster Care (SFC)

provides well-trained and compassionate family placements for children removed from parental custody due to abuse and neglect.  The SFC program trains parents to meet the needs of these special needs children and provide round-the-clock support to assist parents in handling challenging behaviorsSFC placements are often a step-down from residential care and allow children to be fully reintegrated into the community while continuing a high level of clinical support.       


Community Services

is an outpatient treatment clinic that offers assessment services, individual, group, and family psychotherapy, psychiatric and nursing care and in-home therapeutic services to Medicaid eligible youth, and their families in Polk and surrounding counties.  The outpatient program often allows for clinicians working with youth in the residential programs to continue these services when they moved back into the community.  

Since July 1, 2010, the Murphy-Harpst residential program has implemented new, research-based intervention techniques that have resulted in a 50% reduction in the use of and need for emergency safety interventions.