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Children Finish a Total of 424 Laps in Pedal Project


None of 35 children went “off track” in walking or pedaling a total of 424 laps in the Pedal Project Bike-a-thon held Saturday, October 27.  Challenged by a course with difficult uphill climbs as easy down hills, young people at Murphy-Harpst set goals for themselves—learning how the same challenges apply to daily life.  “It was such a pleasure to see the children set personal goals for themselves as to how many laps they thought they could do and then complete or surpass their goal,” said Murphy-Harpst Board Member Mary Margaret Mauer.  “One child completed 30 laps!”  At the same, the children raised more than $1500 to support Murphy-Harpst and were rewarded with a pizza lunch by the Murphy-Harpst Auxiliary (pictured below) , which sponsors this annual event and donates safety helmets.  Special thanks to volunteers Billy Nicholson and Trey Smith for reconditioning bicycles and having them ready for this event as well as for lots of riding throughout the year.  Thanks also go to the Murphy-Harpst maintenance team for their help.