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Rare Photos of Sarah Murphy Discovered


Eddie Hilburn of Cedartown has discovered two rare photos of co-founder Sarah Murphy which he graciously shared with us.  These were taken on March 11, 1946, and include some of the children at the Sarah Murphy Home.  Below are the photos followed by the caption that appears on the back of each photo.       

"With the slenderest of resources, Sarah Murphy has maintained a private orphanage for homeless children for the past 15 years near Cedartown, GA.  In 1931, Sarah was called to the bed side of a neighbor woman who died shortly after giving birth to her sixth child.  There was no one to care for the orphaned children, so Sarah and her husband took them in.  That was the start of what she terms 'The work I was called to do.'  Now there are 49 in the Sarah Divinia Murphy Home.  Here Sarah leads a group of her children in a spiritual.  The  little ones in front didn't sing, but their feet tapped out the rhythn."  (3/11/46)


"This little girl, Mary Murphy, was brought to the orphanage six years ago when she was a one-day-old foundling, left on the front porch of a home in a neighboring town." (3/11/46)

If you can identify children in the above photos and/or know of their whereabouts today, please contact Jim Tichenor in our Rome Office at (706) 232-5663. 

For many years, Eddie Hilburn of Cedartown has collected and maintained a large number of photos news articles, and memorabilia that tell the stories of Sarah Murphy and Ethel Harpst and the homes for children that these loving, visionary women created.  Thank you Eddie!