Murphy Harpst
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Volunteers Create Summer Fun


Stockbridge United Methodist Church Women and St. Peter's Episcopal Church Youth from Rome are only a few of the many groups on campus this summer assisting with recreation activities and doing service projects.   As the photos show, these volunteers enjoyed their experiences  at Murphy-Harpst!  While volunteer opportunities for the summer are already booked, we are now looking for volunteer groups for the fall.  If interested, please contact Recreation Coordinator Pam Kramer.     

The Stockbridge United Methodist Women's Group, led by Pam Nehling, hosted our May birthday party--providing cupcakes, icecream, and many wonderful prizes that kept our kids playing one Bingo game after another!

After leading our kids in kickball, soccer, tag football, and softball in the mornings and building 1/3 mile of a horse trail in their afternoons, the youth from St. Peter's Episcopal Church Youth enjoy cooling off in the Murphy-Harpst pool.