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Help Murphy-Harpst Achieve a $100,000 Challenge Grant to Build a Multipurpose Recreation Center


The W.D. Trippe Trust of Cedartown, Georgia has announced a $100,000 challenge to Murphy-Harpst to raise $130,000 needed to underwrite the total cost of a $230,000 Multipurpose Recreation Center.  To date, $25,000 has been raised, and we need $105,000 in donations to meet the challenge and receive $100,000 from the Trippe Trust for the project! 

While Murphy-Harpst has a strong equine assisted therapy program, a ropes challenge course, and numerous opportunities for outdoor sports such as football, soccer, softball, swimming, and beach volleyball, indoor recreation is very limited.  Since 1942 with the construction of Merner Chapel, indoor recreation has been confined to the Chapel basement, which was designed on the scale of a church fellowship hall and suitable for only a small number of indoor games and activities.  This limitation inhibits recreation therapy on days of inclement weather, including very cold and hot temperatures, and athletic activities after dark.      

Our plans to address the need for indoor recreation include the construction of a pre-engineered metal, multi-purpose 80 ft. by 100 ft. gymnasium on a concrete pad.  This indoor facility will have an impact on the young people at Murphy-Harpst by more than doubling the number of indoor recreational opportunities currently provided.  This will be accomplished through: 

  • the addition of a full-size basketball court;
  • opportunities for indoor volleyball, tennis, badminton, dodge ball, indoor soccer, and other activities;
  • providing enough space that more than one indoor activity or class can be offered at the same time;
  • increasing recreational opportunities not only on a regular schedule but also on days of inclement weather, including extreme hot and cold temperatures, and after dark; 
  • opportunities for other staff such as cottage leaders and volunteers to utilize indoor recreation in their activities with the children.

For information and to make a gift to help Murphy-Harpst achieve the challenge grant, please email Emily Saltino or Jim Tichenor or call them at (706) 232-5663.