Murphy Harpst
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Lost Mountain Golden "K" Kiwanis Among Murphy-Harpst Most Faithful Supporters


Many thanks to members of the Lost Mountain Golden "K" Kiwanis of Marietta for their faithful support of Murphy-Harpst. This month, Club President Marie Cetrulo and representative Rufe (Robbie) Robertson presented a check for $1,000 on behalf of the Club to Dana Herron, Director of Development at Murphy-Harpst. The gift will be used to help support annual operating expenses, which will total over $7 million this year.  Murphy-Harpst depends heavily on the generosity of highly dedicated and faithful organizations such as Lost Mountain Golden "K" Kiwanis, individuals, foundations, and churches to sustain its outreach to severely abused children each year.  The Club has supported Murphy-Harpst since 1997. In addition, Club members enjoy visiting the campus and learning more about the work of Murphy-Harpst first-hand.