Murphy Harpst
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Pennies from Heaven



Imagine trying to feed more than 50 children – along with staff and therapists - and then having to hand-wash all of the dishes, pots, pans and flatware.  It’s difficult at best, devouring time, money and energy.  Not the type environment one can thrive in when trying to create a safe haven for some of Georgia’s most viciously abused.

Many of our kids have never had the luxury of balanced meals and look forward to the home-cooked, family-style meals we provide. But for too long, we have been eating off of paper plates since our dishwasher was broken, and we didn’t have the funds to replace it given that our top priority is funding for round-the-clock therapy. 

Thankfully, our partner and friend, Cookerly Public Relations, was determined to help and sponsored an internal fundraiser.  Reginald and Tracy Chesson, wonderful friends of Murphy-Harpst in Tampa, FL, also made a generous donation.  These contributions bought us what we have needed so desperately– a new commercial dishwasher.