Murphy Harpst
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Murphy-Harpst Celebrates 90 Years


In 2014, Murphy-Harpst celebrates 90 years of serving young people in need of loving care. 

In March 1924, Ethel Harpst moved her group of children from the McCarty Settlement House to a rambling, seven-room house and two acres of land that were donated on the top of a hill overlooking Cedartown--the current location of the Harpst campus: 

"Miss Harpst had a little Chevrolet automobile and in it all the little ones were placed.  Some of the older children found places to ride on the moving van with the meager household goods, and the remaining children marched sturdily along in a group.  The dog followed along after the van and the cat was tucked away safely in the arms of one of the children.  They were like the children of Israel as they made this journey from the west side of the town to the far east side and up the hill.  They had to stop several times along the way to wipe snow from the windshield.  The hill was long and steep and slippery but they finally reached the top and the new home." 

Quoted from the Ethel Harpst Home 25th Anniversary history, this passage tells of slippery winter weather on our co-founder's moving day that was not unlike this campus winter scene taken the first week of February this year, as seen below: