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28 Young People Complete 458 Laps at Bike-A-Thon


Saturday Sept. 28 was the perfect day for the Murphy Harpst Auxiliary's 5th Annual Pedal Project Bike-A-Thon!  Thanks to the generosity of many bike donors and repair work by Billy Nicholson and Cycle Therapy's Julie Smith, there were enough bikes and helmets for every child who wanted to ride.  Prior to the ride, the kids picked out bikes, decorated them, and set lap goals for themselves.  The event culminated in an award ceremony for the most laps completed and a celebratory pizza lunch.  In addition to the 25 bikes that were donated and that will continue to be an ongoing source of fun and exercise, the event raised over $1,000 for Murphy Harpst through sponsorships. The Pedal Project provided a special day of fun and smiles, but it also provide long-lasting lessions.  In striving to complete their goals and pushing through the tough hill at the end of eachlap, the young people learned about perseverance and found themselves capable of far more than they thought.  In completing laps, they also enjoyed raising money for the organization that cares for them.

As a result of the Bike-A-Thon, 25 bicycles were donated to Murphy Harpst!