Murphy Harpst


Children at Murphy-Harpst enjoy meeting volunteers of all ages, and the relationships they develop with visitors help them to build trust in others. There are numerous volunteer group opportunities, such as hosting monthly birthday parties, and the new Partners Mentoring Program described below.

Announcing the Partner's Mentoring Program

The Partners Mentoring Program is designed to provide a child at Murphy Harpst with a friend aside from family and paid staff.  While enjoying activities or sharing interests, we know that you will enhance the life of a child by establishing a close personal relationship and, in turn, be transformed.

Mentorship is meant to augment and support the efforts made by staff to expose the children to life outside Murphy Harpst.  This program is designed to enhance the live of the child and his or her partner mutually. 

Children's Protective Services or the Juvenile Probation Office places children at Murphy Harpst.  Each child has experienced abuse in one form or another, but no matter what the reason for placement, they all have one thing in common:  a need for healthy relationships.  Most have a desire for companionship, adult guidance, and unconditional love.  Each child has unique skills and attributes that they would love to share with a new friend.  Please consider being a partner. 

Monthly Birthday Parties

Volunteer groups provide gifts for children celebrating birthdays for the specific month along with cake, ice cream, and games for other children on campus. The parties are celebrated in the cafe or on the ball field depending on the age, season and number of volunteers coming to campus. Plans are made with the Recreation Director.

Monthly Special Events

Volunteer groups help our children celebrate traditional holiday events such as Halloween carnivals with games and trick or treating, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas stocking parties with caroling and cookies. Plans are made with the Recreation Director.

Mission Trips

Church groups interact with children by assisting with special occasions such as musical shows, sporting events, inflatable's or off campus trips. Plans are made with Recreation Director.

Please contact Pam Kramer, Recreation Coordinator, at (770) 748-1500 ext. 254 to discuss opportunities.




Become a Mentor to a young person at Murphy Harpst 

What might I do?

  • Call by phone or Skype 
  • Write Letters
  • Learn a new trade
  • Teach a Skill
  • Tutor
  • Participate in on and off campus activities with your mentee

Do I Qualify?

  • Patient & Flexible
  • Dependable
  • Resilient
  • Committed
  • Supportive
  • 21 years of age
  • Application, background check, interview, and training required
  • 1 year minimum commitment
  • Weekly contact with mentee
  • Monthly visitation (minimum)


Contact Pam Kramer  (770) 748-1500, ext. 254 to request an application and for more details.