Murphy Harpst

How You Can Help

You can help by volunteering, praying, joining a workteam or becoming a foster parent, but our largest obstacle at Murphy-Harpst is inadequate financial support.

With all of their possessions tossed into a single plastic grocery bag, the abused and neglected children arrive at Murphy Harpst with no financial resources.  Funding provided by the state of Georgia does not cover the total cost of loving care and clinical treatment that these young people  desperately need.  This year, Murphy-Harpst faces a shortfall of $1.67 million that must be met through private donations. 

In order for us to continue providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment, we need monetary contributions to cover the cost of operations, including therapeutic services. 

For many of these children, Murphy-Harpst is their last hope for a chance at a satisfying life.  Raising the amount of money needed requires an army of supporters. Please help us give these children a fighting chance. 

Your contributions are tax deductible.

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Please make checks payable to Murphy-Harpst Children's Centers and mail to:

Murphy- Harpst Children's Centers 740 Fletcher Street Cedartown, GA 30125